On Giving Tuesday, Help Me Support Two Important Organizations


Today marks Giving Tuesday, a day that celebrates end-of-the-year giving and philanthropy for nonprofits across the globe. Since its start in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y in NYC, Giving Tuesday has grown into 30,000 organizations in 68 countries participating in the day. That’s a ton of nonprofits, which can make it hard to decide on which organizations to support—unless you’re independently wealthy.

A good start is determining what makes you tick. Is it puppies? Tutoring children? Helping the homeless?

For me, I care about all of the above. But two organizations in particular have my heart, and I’d love you to consider a gift to one (or both!) on this Giving Tuesday.

Indiana Campus Compact is a nonprofit partnership among 35 institutions of higher education in Indiana—that includes over 60 campuses throughout the state—preparing college students to advance the public good in their communities during their collegiate years and beyond. The organization has a longstanding history of engaging hundreds of thousands of college students with their communities to meet pressing needs. These students have gone on to be nonprofit executives, business leaders, and government officials. Learn more about how your gift can help Indiana Campus Compact.

The Facing Project is a nonprofit that connects people through stories to strengthen communities. This is done when other nonprofits, higher education, k-12 systems, or community organizers adopt the model of pairing writers with storytellers to focus on an issue area or topic in their community that needs to be faced. The writers sit down with the storytellers, get to know them, and write their stories as if they are them—in the first-person. The stories are then compiled into a book, spread throughout communities to create awareness and community conversations, and a theatrical component of the stories is shared on stage in each community. Founded in 2012, the organization is in 30+ communities across eight states and two countries. Learn more about how your gift can help The Facing Project.

As a disclaimer, I must add that I’m the Executive Director of one organization and the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the other. I also personally support both organizations each year with my own contributions, and would do so even if I didn’t have an affiliation with either organization. What I enjoy about the missions of each is the connection of people across difference. One through engaging college students with neighborhoods and communities that may be unlike their own, and the other connecting people across class lines, racial divides, and generations to create conversations and community action through personal stories.

When you consider your gifts for Giving Tuesday, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Indiana Campus Compact and The Facing Project.

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