Kelsey -- Where Am I Eating 2

The following pages provide the official curriculum for WHERE AM I EATING?  AN ADVENTURE THROUGH THE GLOBAL FOOD ECONOMY by Kelsey Timmerman. The curriculum was developed by J.R. Jamison.

If you’re an educator and plan to use EATING in the classroom or on your campus, the supporting chapter questions, section reflections, writing activities, and the service-learning curriculum guide will make your job easier.  If you have questions about using the EATING curriculum in your classroom or on your campus, contact J.R.

Section I — Coffee: Product of Colombia
Section II — Chocolate: Product of West Africa
Section III — Bananas: Product of Costa Rica
Section IV — Lobster: Product of Nicaragua
Section V — Apple Juice: Product of Michigan China
Section VI — My Life: Product of USA
Reflection Paper — Your Story

You can also download the Word Document of the curriculum to tweak and add your own spin.

WHERE AM I EATING? AN ADVENTURE THROUGH THE GLOBAL FOOD ECONOMY can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or through your local bookstore in any community.

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