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Creating Understanding Across Difference Starts with Owning Our Stories

Rural Drive 1

This story was originally posted for The Facing Project at  /// I stared into a sea of nuns in traditional black-and-white habits. Peppered in between were sweatshirts, backpacks—college-aged Catholic women and men. On the tip of my tongue lay three words that were sure to bring lightening down fromRead the Rest…

Why I Believe in Community-Based Learning: My Week with Students in Costa Rica

Costa Rica students

A dark roll of rain clouds perched below a hazy sky, prepared to swoop down and release sorrow onto the black, pebbled beach below. Weathered fishermen scrambled to make swift decisions about food and family; some hunkered down in their boats for the evening, others relentlessly pushed their small vesselsRead the Rest…

Beyond Action, Building Impact. What’s your story?

The author in 2013.

Originally posted on the IMPACT National Conference website in anticipation for my upcoming keynote talk at the conference with The Facing Project co-founder, Kelsey Timmerman. We hope you’ll join us at IMPACT, February 27th-March 2, 2014. /// Connecting with people helps us find our purpose, build social capital, and useRead the Rest…

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