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The Only “Truth in Love” is to Allow People to Be Who They Were Meant to Be


My adult life has been lived at an interesting intersection of conflict and passion. My passion for community, volunteerism, storytelling, and education has taken me on some wild rides. Because of my work, I get the unique opportunity to visit many communities around the world and witness first-hand how theirRead the Rest…

American, Defined

Immigration Dream Act Records

What if your marriage were ripped apart, not by divorce but by a law that created a divide? What if your daughter, who has dreams of being a mechanical engineer and has the grades and drive to do it, did not seek access to higher education because of fear thatRead the Rest…

Poverty and Pell Grants: A Call for Active Citizenry to Reinstall Access to Higher Education


The other day I was chatting with a colleague who works in Student Affairs at a community college, and we started talking about the cuts in Pell Grants.  She shared with me how this was impacting students who need to take summer courses because Pell Grant money is no longerRead the Rest…

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