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I’m Still Here: Writing the Curriculum for WHERE AM I EATING?

Kelsey -- Where Am I Eating 2

I’m still here; I haven’t gone away.  I’ve been busy writing the official chapter questions and the service-learning curriculum guide for WHERE AM I EATING?  AN ADVENTURE THROUGH THE GLOBAL FOOD ECONOMY.  You can pre-order a copy of the book through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or purchase it throughRead the Rest…

Be a Part of The Facing Project’s Story

FINAL-The Facing Project Static Logo

(This is a joint note from me and my co-founder of The Facing Project, Kelsey Timmerman.) Stories make a difference. Stories shatter preconceptions and expand our worldview. Stories change our hearts and inform our minds. Stories feed our curiosities and our souls. Every person has a story and so doesRead the Rest…

Pomp and Pride for Community: Shift from Tradition to Untraditional Education


Palms sweaty, I marched down an aisle in Emen’s Auditorium carrying an oversized banner, perhaps half my weight, which read “GEOGRAPHY.”  In a shirt and tie that had been purchased two seasons before, I desperately wanted to wiggle my way out of that auditorium with every twist of my neckRead the Rest…

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