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Why I Believe in Community-Based Learning: My Week with Students in Costa Rica

Costa Rica students

A dark roll of rain clouds perched below a hazy sky, prepared to swoop down and release sorrow onto the black, pebbled beach below. Weathered fishermen scrambled to make swift decisions about food and family; some hunkered down in their boats for the evening, others relentlessly pushed their small vesselsRead the Rest…

Marriage Equality Has Come to the States, But it’s Not the End

Wedding rings

Spiraling out of the sky through a haze of sun rays, a ball came to rest on a bed of clover in the outfield. So far from the area sculpted by the feet of trotting first graders and the distance range from where a tee-ball usually lands, voices from afarRead the Rest…

“What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” — Not even Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller.

Just married

I was married for seven hours. As I think back on those who’ve had shorter marriages, perhaps only Britney Spears has me beat. Okay, let me rephrase that—I was legally married for seven hours. My husband Cory and I didn’t decide to end our marriage. The State of Indiana madeRead the Rest…

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