J.R. Jamison has spent nearly two decades connecting higher education and nonprofits through meaningful community engagement partnerships to strengthen their impact and better orchestrate their narratives as one. His work on embedding community engagement into campus culture has been adopted by more than 40 colleges and universities across the globe, and he has written and won over $5 million of grants to support such engagement efforts.

He is the co-founder of The Facing Project, a national organization that connects people through stories to strengthen communities; he is the Executive Director of the Indiana Campus Compact; he serves as an editor for the International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement, overseeing the “Works in Progress” section; and he is the co-host of The Compact Nation Podcast on iTunes. He developed the curriculum guides for both of Kelsey Timmerman’s books,  “Where Am I Eating? An Adventure Through the Global Food Economy” (Wiley, 2014) and “Where Am I Wearing? A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes” (Wiley, 2012 — a New York Times Bestseller).

“Where Am I Wearing?,” “Where Am I Eating?,” and both of their curriculum guides have been adopted as a campus common reader by over 70 colleges, universities, and high schools across the country. The partial curriculum for “Where Am I Eating?” can be found on this site.

In addition to the “Where Am I” books, J.R.’s writing has appeared in national journals and he has been featured in The Huffington PostHarlem World Magazine, The Guardian, and on NPR. He seeks to connect people to create understanding across difference, and he regularly speaks at conferences, universities, and speakers’ series around the nation and the world. Invite him to yours!

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