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A Former Raver Turns Forty . . . And Other Rants On Growing Older

Turning 40

Tonight I will go to bed as a 39-year-old, and tomorrow I’ll wake up and be 40. In a switch of a minute, I’ll be in a whole new decade of my life. Ten years ago I ushered in my 30s with a private party that included over 200 guestsRead the Rest…

Sports Cars & Wagons: Welcome to Middle Age

Rural Drive 1

The candy apple red two-door Nissan—with jet black windows and a spoiler on the back—kept whispering my name as I made a beeline to her in the parking lot of the dealership. My husband, Cory, examined the sticker price details on a used four-door sedan. He hadn’t noticed my departure.Read the Rest…

Ode to Sorrow (And All of the Lonely Hearts)

Sammy 3

Grief first came to me in the fall of 1987. It wasn’t my own. I watched it from afar as my great-aunt Maxine pulled the blankets from her bed and carried them to the laundry room; her head buried in their scent from days—maybe weeks—worth of wear. Her husband hadRead the Rest…

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